Wednesday, March 25, 2009

funny video

This is Craig trying to get all the girls to hang from the bridge. Unfortunately I only got the end of it. He was picking up all three as fast as he could. One would drop off as soon as he would put the next one up. So funny!

Kodi and Degan

These are just a couple of cute pics I got of them from the park.
hee-hee! Look at that booty. I couldn't resist :)
I love this picture. This kid just smiles all day long!

Spring Break was so fun!

This year, for Spring Break we visited some parks around Austin. We decided to do this because of the cheap hotel we found in Round Rock. (Thanks Bobby and Tiff!) It really was so fun! And, besides food and gas the whole trip cost us $12.00, the fee for adults into the state park. :) One day we went to McKinney Falls, it is this really cool state park with water falls and swimming holes everywhere. Craig and the big girls found a really neat pool that had rock caves that they were swimming around in. Tiffany and I found some shallow little pools that were perfect for the littles to play around in. We were just there for the day, but they do have camping there too with tons of bike trails and fishing areas. Craig really wants to camp next time.

The next day we went back to one of our favorite places, New Braunfels. That is where all the pictures are from. They have rivers with the clearest water I have ever seen. All of the rivers are from natural springs and it is so beautiful. The kids went swimming and fed ducks and swans. They even got to feed a nutria. (A big rodent kind of thing. Definitely cuter than a mice or rat, but still a rodent!) We went on a little nature hike for as long as Degan could handle it. That kid stumbles and trips over every little stick, pebble or leaf :) All of this was at Landa Park. Then we went to another part of the Comal River and played in the river and a cute little park for a while.

Some random pictures in no particular order:


Here's Miles and Livee having a conversation at the playground. I love those little phone things. :)

Paigee all worn out and trying to warm up from the cool water.

Goofy kid! :)

I love this family!!!

This was so funny - Craig was trying to get all the girls to hang on to the bridge at the same time. As soon as he would try to get the second kid up, the first one would fall off. It looked like he was playing a version of Whack-A-Mole.

Sisters sharing a sip from a spout.

Look at those lips!

Here is that ugly/cute nutria. :)

On our way home, we dropped of the kids with Grandma Charlotte. They stayed there and had tons of fun for two nights. That means me and Craig were kid-free for three days. It was nice, but I was definitely ready to go get them on Saturday night! On Saturday afternoon, Craig and I went to the Stockyards to meet up with a good friend that was visiting from California. It was so good to see her and her super cute little guy. Sunday was a birthday dinner for Grandpa Perk and Uncle Cody Carmack. A very fun week filled with good family, good friends, good food, and lots of good memories!

Monday, March 2, 2009

In honor of Paigee's 1/2 birthday.....

a couple of her cool self-portraits.