Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Why is it that 2 minutes is way to short of a time when they are playing video games, or watching TV or playing. But when it's time to brush teeth, they act like 2 minutes is a lifetime. Are we done yet? How much longer?

Jeez guys, it's 2 minutes!!!!

Paige's homework tonight reminded me of how old I am and how long ago I did double digit long division! I finally figured it out, but then it took forever til she finally "got it." She is so smart and I am so glad that when she doesn't understand something she will ask for help. And she doesn't give up on stuff. She'll work on it as long as it takes.

Why can't my house ever stay clean? Why don't I keep it clean? Oh, its something I always struggle with! :[

Time for family prayer. Gotta go.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Yeah!!! Zoe's project is finished!
We are praying for all the fires in California to get under control. I'm thankful that the family is safe!!!
I can't believe people would start fires intentionally!
Time for bed

Monday, October 22, 2007


Typical me! Zoe has a report due on Wednesday and we have just start putting it together. Why do I always do this? I make it so hard on myself! Oh well, at least we remembered a couple days early. The girls and I made paper chains today to count down 'til when our CA family comes to visit. 24 more days! I can't wait. I know that moving back to Texas was a good move for us. But I miss my family like crazy! Me and Letti and Nan are like best friends, and I haven't made any good friends here yet. I do have friends, just not anyone that I call and make plans with or hang out with. Craig thinks friends are over-rated, but not me!
We had scrambled eggs and toast for dinner :O the kids loved it. I just needed something quick and easy, and they always love breakfast for dinner. The house is quiet now, so I think I will go and get in bed too.
Love ya guys! Ymom


Yesterday was a typical Sunday. Actually getting ready for church went pretty smoothly. The girls all were happy about what they were wearing. They all had both shoes before we had to do a last second dash through the house to find them. Miles got a nap in before we had to leave. Craig got to go with us. Everything was good. Now that the girls are old enough now to sit through Sacrament meeting by themselves.......we have Miles! He does not want to sit still. He is all over the place. Me and Craig were taking turns wrestling with him and then Craig got called to work. He was second out so we thought we would make it, but that's the railroad life. So we all had to leave early to take him to work. Sometimes it really stinks just having one car. It's the best thing for our family right now, so we deal with it. Usually it's not that big of a deal though. We got home just in time to eat Livee's yummy dinner (ranch chicken in the crock pot) all together before Craig left. The rest of the day, we all just relaxed and watched movies. Craig got home around 2:30 this morning and he's back at work already! He is such a hard worker and good provider for us. He lets our family have the blessing of me being able to stay home with the kids. I love him!!! That's all for now. Ymom

Sunday, October 21, 2007

At the zoo

Today we all went to the zoo when we got there well first we had to get out of the car then we started our day. Then we went to see the spiders and the kimodo dragon. After that we went and ate. And when we were there, we got our face painted and looked at the birds while the parents were taking a health check. Then all the parents came and looked at our faces. I was a dog and Livee had a pink mask. Paige was a swan. And Carys was a pink kitty. Then we all went to see the elephants and the tigers. We stopped at the restroom and got a drink at the restaurant. We kept going and there was a wishing well. We dropped a penny in it and it made animal noises. We saw the rhinoceroses and the giraffes. But then Carys and Iya and Grayson had to leave. Then we looked at other animals and then we headed our way home. love zoe

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Our Day At The Zoo

Today we all went to the Fort Worth Zoo. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Daddy got tickets from work because it was BNSF Family Day there. It was all free - the tickets, the parking, the food. I love fun free days like that! Me and Daddy got our flu shots, and we also got a health screening (and found out both of us need to exercise a little more and lose a few pounds :[ like we didn't already know that) The girls got their faces painted. Paige was a pink bird, Zoe was a puppy dog, and Livee was a pink princess. They looked so cute! (I will add pics later) Miles liked all the animals, I think his favorites were the White Tiger and the Rhinoceros. He thought he was a big boy and walked all over the place. He made it through the day with only one bump. He was standing on a bench and fell off, right onto his forehead. Thank goodness he has a hard head like his daddy! :) Paige liked all the exhibits with the little things like the snakes and spiders. She liked the Komodo Dragons too, but what she really wanted was Dippin' Dots. She is definately the family sugarhead! Zoe liked the Zebras and the Rhinoceros too. She was the helper of the day. Holding Grayson or Miles, or keeping an eye on Carys. Livee liked the Elephants and the Bears. I think she might not be feeling good, because yesterday she took a 3 hour nap, and at the end of the day today, she was the one in the stroller asleep, and she slept the whole way home. I love seeing my kids smile, so today was a good day for me! I love my family!


Journal Entries

Okay family, I set up this new blog just for us! I want all of us to try and write something in it every day. It doesn't have to be anything major. Just something you want to share. I look forward to reading the entries now and especially in the future! I LOVE you guys and I really do think that we are The Best Family Ever!

Y mom

***Oh and make sure you sign your name at the end of your blog!