Saturday, May 31, 2008


Miles LOVES Zoboomafoo. Every morning after he eats he says I want Boomboo. He really pays attention to it too. It's nice because it is an educational show, and it gives me 30 minutes of peace to get myself ready in the morning. :)

A couple of pics of Paige, Zoe and their talent show buddies.

Paige, Marquie & Brittany
Zoe & McKenzie

Friday, May 30, 2008

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

1 more month! :{

Miles had his doctor appointment today with the ENT. He is going to get tubes put in, but not until the end of June! That is their earliest date available. Miles doesn't have an infection right now (YEAH!!!) but he still has the thick fluid in there. He will probably have a couple more infections before his surgery. I told the nurse to call if any openings come up. I'm tired of giving the poor kid so many antibiotics! Keep your fingers crossed for an earlier surgery date.

Paige's last elementary school choir performance. :(

The choir had it's final concert of the year last week. They performed a really fun song called "Family Reunion" Paige was from the hillbilly side of the family. She told Craig she got her inspiration from him. :) I'm not sure he likes his little girls growing up so much. They like to gang up on him and tease him a lot. The concert was really good, I will miss seeing Paige in it next year, but Zoe can be in it since she will be in 4th grade. So we will still have one Carmack girl up there singing her heart out for JES. This school year has flown by! Only one more week left. Summertime here we come!
That there is one dang cute hillbilly young'n!

Daddy's nightmare coming true!

After the concert we went to McDonald's for $1.00 kids meals. Can't beat that! Iya, Carys and Grayson, and Uncle Bobby came with us. Uncle Bobby kept telling Paige he was embarrassed to go out to eat with her. :) The Canciennes met us up there too. Fun, fun day!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Activity Days

On Tuesday we had our Mother/Daughter night for activity days. The girls performed a dance for the moms and made them pretty jars of bath salts. We also played charades and a hula hoop game. Then the daughters served their moms strawberry shortcake. Yum! It really was a fun night.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I am totally bummed! I even voted for the very first time on Tuesday night. Of course my vote went to David Archuleta. Oh well, I know he will be very successful even without being "THE" American Idol! Now I just have to figure out how I can get him and Sydney to meet so that they can fall in love and get married and he can be my little brother-in-law. :) Any ideas???

Life's A Beach!

The girls' neighbor friends, Megan and McKay had their birthday party at Life's a Beach. This has got to be the best idea for a restaurant ever! The kids get to play in a huge "beach" that is filled with buckets and sand toys. On Wednesday nights they even have an adult beach volleyball league. The food is OK. I don't think it is great, but the prices are good, and I will definitely go back because it is such a fun place. We did have to leave the party a little early though, because it a was a little bit windy that night and Zoe and Livee's asthma started acting up. That was a bummer but other that..... so much fun!

Friday, May 16, 2008

He's so confused

I got Miles this new lawn mower hoping that it might keep him in our yard instead of in the road or across the street. Nope!!! He loves to push it anywhere except through the grass. I'm just happy that we live on a very un-busy :) street.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Letti's new blog find about how to fix little girls hair has made me excited about fixing my girls' hair again. With 3 heads of hair to fix every morning I started getting in the ponytail rut with the occasional braid thrown in. So boring everyday. Now, I am getting up a little earlier, and doing more creative styles again. It's been so fun, and I get a little more one-on-one time with the girls as a bonus! Colleen's bows have been fun to work with too. Thanks Colleen! I will do a post soon of the girls with all their cool new bows.

Here are a couple more pictures of the little piglets that Letti wanted to see.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Annual Brushy Creek Barbeque

Craig's Cousins, Haley and Lloyd have this huge barbecue every year, I think they invite everyone they know. We haven't been to it for a long time, since we lived in Watauga. We got to go this year and it was so fun! There was lots of family that we haven't seen forever, and so Craig got to show off his kids a little too. This place is a kids paradise (as long as your kids don't mind getting dirty!) They have goats, cows, horses, chickens, cats, pot-bellied pigs (a couple of piglets were born that morning, sooo cute), and of course a dog named Cowboy. The girls had tons of fun and Miles had a blast too. Craig had to fight Miles in order to get him into his car seat, he was kicking and screaming the whole time (Miles was, not Craig.) Can't wait 'til next year! Enjoy the pictures! Most of them are of Miles, but he was the only one I could keep track of, the girls had over 70 acres to wander around and get lost in all day.

Click on this picture to enlarge it. You can see Miles is looking at the little newborn piglets.

I told you the kids are gonna get dirty!

Paigee and Aunt Monica

Zoe's just hangin' out.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day...

To all of the great Mom's in my life!
My mom, Charlotte (You raised a great son!!!), Carol, Monica, Grandma Bowler, Grandma Lynda, Letti, Amelia, Tiffany, Celeste, all of my aunts and my cousins and friends (too many to name!). I learn from all of you! You all give me good examples of ways I can become a better mom to my kids.
Thank you!

Water Balloon Fight

We have really fun neighbors across the street and their mom, Colleen always has fun stuff for them to do. This day she brought out the water balloons. It was so much fun! Our family was so happy when they moved in because they have a daughter the same age as Paige, a daughter that is the same age as Zoe, and a son that is just a year older than Livee, and they all get along really good. They don't have a child that is Miles age, but that is OK because he has a crush on Colleen. He calls her Sister (Sister Cancienne). And that is another cool thing, they go to our church too. Oh yeah, Colleen is a great cook and she is always sending over samples of yummy goodies for us to try. We couldn't ask for better neighbors! I told them they could never move. :)
OK, so on with the water balloons.......

Good catch Livee!
Zoe's trying to tie her balloon.
Paige was the "mean girl" of the day. Everyone else had little balloons... she got the bucket.
Watch out Miles!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Livee's photo book

I made Livee this book for her birthday and I just figured out how to post it. I loved making this for her and I am so happy that she loves it too! I can't wait to make the other kids one too!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

Miles was very curious about this toad. He was chasing it around the yard with all of the big kids, but when it stopped hopping, this is as close as he would get to it.

Boxes are so fun!

Three big boxes got delivered to our house today. It was all the things that were ordered from my Home and Garden Party. I took all of the stuff out, and what do kids want to do with big, empty cardboard boxes? Build forts of course! They had so much fun doing this. We stayed outside and colored and taped and cut up the boxes until they were just perfect. I love free, easy craft projects!


This is what is left of the lid of my favorite pot. :( It shattered into millions of tiny cubes of glass all over the kitchen floor. You're probably thinking that it must have been Miles that did this, or maybe one of his big sisters. But nope, it was me. I was taking dishes out of the dishwasher and I thought I had set the lid on the counter, but I guess I only set it partway on. It slid off, and CRASH!!! Oops!
While we are on the subject of my "oops'es" here are a couple more from my recent past that I am willing to share:
Miles got invited to his friend, Mark Anthony's birthday party. So when that weekend came the girls had spent the night with Grandma Charlotte. It worked out perfect because I just had Miles the next day to take to the party. So I get there and I was thinking, "Wow, I'm the first one here, that doesn't usually happen!" I go and ring the doorbell and Sallie lets me in and I notice the house isn't decorated for a birthday..... The birthday party was for the next day!!!!! Oops!
One more:
I went to the girls' school to help pass out lunches for a testing day. There were a few other moms there that I knew, but there was one mom sitting a few tables away, by herself. So I go over there and introduce myself. She told me her name, but wasn't really that talkative so I went back to the group. When we were leaving to deliver the lunches I asked the mom in charge if that other mom was helping. She said "no, since she's our janitor." Oops! In my defense, she was just wearing regular clothes and looked like a young, cute mom. Now whenever I see her at the school I just laugh to myself and think "Oh no, I think I'm turning into Mrs. Friendly just like my mom!"


Paigee made dinner. It was her signature dish - Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo with Caesar Salad on the side. It was really good! She learned how to make this a couple of years ago at activity days. It's still her favorite. She loves to cook and help out in the kitchen. Now I am just waiting for her love of cleaning to kick in..... actually I'm still waiting for my love of cleaning to kick in too! :)
Thanks Paige, it was awesome... oh yeah!