Monday, November 17, 2008

Miles is a "coffee table potato"

Miles asked me if he could watch cartoons. I turned them on for him, and then I left the room. When I came back, this is where I found him.

Lovin' those cuffed jeans!

Paige's school had another fifty cent fundraiser: 80's day. A few days before this I was putting all the Halloween stuff away, and I was putting her hippie costume away. She said, "No don't put that away yet. Next week we're having 80's day." I told her that hippies were not from the 80's. She then wanted to know if the poodle skirt from last Halloween was from the 80"s. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008


This is a post just to catch up on all the stuff that has been going on at our house. This morning Paige went to school like this:
The middle school had a crazy hair day fundraiser. For fifty cents you got to go to school with the craziest hair you could think of. Cute fundraiser, huh?! I also typed up a report for Paige the other day. It was kind of fun. I remember my mom typing (on an actual typewriter) reports for us when we were in school too. I'm sure that by the time Miles needs a report typed I will be so over it. (ha ha, I'm gonna be over it next time Paige needs one, more likely. :)
Yesterday Zoe got her expander put in. So far there is no pain, but we haven't started turning the key yet. She is a trooper, so hopefully these next few months won't be too hard on her.
Livee is reading so good now. She takes a book everywhere. My car looks like a library since she never remembers to bring the books back in. :)
Miles can say his name clearly now. It is so cute. He says it really slow and clear "Mi-les" I'll try and get a little video of it later today. He is also learning too much too soon from his sisters. Last night in the car he asked me "Mom, where we going" Livee answered him and he said "No, I'm asking my mommy!" Uh-oh...... He also asks every time we are in the car, "We almost there?" I have a feeling our return from CA is going to be very long and very patience-testing. =}