Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crafty Party at my house..... You're Invited!

Friday, November 20th @ 6:30
Fun Crafting *** Yummy Treats
Good Friends

Project #1
Seasonal Blocks $15.00
All six sides of the blocks have a different saying. Not shown is FALL with a leaf and also PEACE. I chose to paint my blocks all black with one accent block in a different color. You can do yours like that, or solid black, or each side a different color. You can decide that once you start painting.

Sweet snowflake.

Project #2
Christmas Advent Calender $10.00
We had a few issues trying to do this one. But, we have it all figured out now, and it's going to be a such a cute little project.
The Plate is about 12 inches and comes in different colors. Red, gold, or silver (which I love!)
Cute little snowflake magnet.

There will also be a 10 inch clock that we will have available. We don't have a picture of ours yet. I'm sure you have all seen pictures of them out in blogland. Ours will be black vinyl with roman numerals. You can paint the background any color. The price will be around $15.00. I will try and get a picture and final price up as soon as possible.


We will also have a couple different $5.00 projects ready to craft. We won't have pictures of those. You will just have to come to find out what they are.


If you would like to come just leave a comment with the projects you would like to do and how many of each. Please respond no later than next Monday the 9th so that we have enough time to get all the materials together. You'll just pay for your projects on the 20th. Thanks.

Also, Mona will always do custom vinyl orders too. Check out her blog here.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

"Pippi Longstocking"
Cutest Little Pirate Girlie

I don't know what happened but somehow Livee missed the photo shoot. I made her get back in costume tonight, and still this is the best I got. Darn cell phone camera! :)

Thanks Kellie for bringing your camera and getting some cute pictures of my kiddos. I'll be asking Santa for a new camera for me this Christmas. Nothing major, just something that takes clear pictures. I've been good! ;)