Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gray's Parade

After the Easter Egg Hunt there was a parade for the baseball opening ceremonies. Gray is playing Blastball this year so his team had a float. I was looking for him when his team went by, but they went by so fast, that I didn't see him. I just took a few pictures as they zoomed by. But when I looked at the pictures on my computer, I was so happy because I did manage to get a couple of Gray.
Can you find him?
I was happy to see him on the pictures but also a little heartbroken. Look at his little face! I think he wanted me to rescue him, but I didn't even see him. Poor little guy!
I even caught him as they were driving away. See him?
Awww... it's that face again.
Silly Grayson, parades are supposed to be fun! :)

Hey Everyone...

It's that time again!
Does anyone know why they are still called Easter Egg "Hunts"? Because there is definitely no hunting going on!
{Miles checking out his haul}
{Livee waiting patiently}
{Good job Zo!}
Paige didn't get to "hunt" but she did get to help open the eggs.
{love this picture}
{Paige helping Miles}

Monday, March 22, 2010

My DiGiorno Houseparty

This pizza is good. Beyond good! And the breadsticks..... those were gone within minutes of being taken out of the oven! Everything was so yummy, the adults and the kids, even the baby, couldn't stop eating it. I loved that the whole party was free too, the decorations, the games, the party favors, and of course all of the DiGiorno Pizza and Breadsticks. You guys have to go sign up at
I admit, I hadn't had DiGiorno pizza in a while. Usually we just end up grabbing a refrigerated pizza from Walmart. And, those are pretty good. But, I would definitely recommend the DiGiorno brand next time you want some really good pizza. Enough of talking about how good it is... here is some proof:
{Ezra couldn't decide what he wanted. Look! He's even drooling!}

{Looks like Celeste likes it. Cody gives it a big thumbs up!}

{Miles won't even wait until it cools off.}
{the clean-up crew}

Friday, March 19, 2010

DiGiornos Champions House Party

I got my party pack. YAY! Look how fun it is too. There is a cute referee apron. Mardi Gras beads for all the guests. Games, a pizza cutter, a fridge magnet... Plus, 6 free coupons for me to buy all the pizzas. And, they are the new pizza & breadsticks & dipping sauce all in one box. Plus, lots of coupons for $4.00 off for my guests!!! I didn't see them at our Walmart yet (I will be getting mine from Albertsons) but when they get there, they should be about $6.25. So after my guests get their coupons, that will be a really inexpensive and yummy and easy :) family dinner! I am so excited for my party, and I will even have some family from out of town here. Can't wait!!!
You all should go to to sign up to host your own free party. And check out all of their past parties too. And then don't forget to invite me :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yay Paige!


Monday, March 8, 2010


If you leave your kids at my house for more than a few minutes, chances are they will be shot. :)
They might even end up blogged.

My new job.

I have been using a lot of coupons lately and I love it! It is a lot of work, but it is fun to see how much I can save. I have had a few receipts that show that I have saved around 90%. (it's normally 50% - 70%)But this has never happened to me:
Yep! Cash back!!! It was only 6o cents. But still!
So, since stores are now paying me to buy their products, that means it's my job, right?!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thanks Disney!

So yesterday, My family got to do some really fun volunteer work. We did it through Disney's Give a Day, Get a Day. We went to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Miles wasn't old enough, so he got to spend the day with Grandma Charlotte and the Borens. When we got there, the girls went off with the rest of the kids and got to learn all about the animals and play some games. I guess Craig and I were the ones that did the real volunteer work! We cleared leaves and trimmed the plants around a picnic area. And then we did something that I never thought I would ever be doing. We put on orange vests and grabbed a couple of trash bags, and then a truck dropped us off on the side of the highway and we started picking up trash. :) Believe me, that was not in the description of what kind of work we would be doing! Oh well. I told Craig that at least we were doing our part to make the world a more beautiful place :)
{the one picture of all of us. of course there's gonna be funny faces!}

We really did have fun though, and after we were done, we got to go on a tour, and see all the animals, and feed them, and of course take lots of boring, I mean interesting, pictures of them.

{the girls' liked the ostriches the best}

(they're pretty photogenic too}

Thanks Disney, for the Disneyland tickets (can't wait!) and also for helping my family get more motivated and to get out and volunteer more!

p.s. I just checked the website and it says they are really close to reaching their goal, so hurry up and go sign up here.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My DiGiorno Champions House Party

I was chosen to host a DiGiorno house party. I am so excited! Have you heard of this? selects people from all across the country to host parties featuring different products and sponsored by leading brands. For example, my party is obviously for DiGiorno, so they will be sending me coupons for free pizza and breadsticks and a complete party pack. They will also be giving me $4.00 off coupons for my guests. It's just a cool new way to do some at home, personalized advertising. You should go and get more information and sign up at I think it is going to be really fun!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Everything to Me!

I came home the other day to a surprise. I saw a package on the table and I thought we must have got a fun package from somebody in the mail. Then I saw that it was for me. Written all over the box was "Happy Anniversary" "Happy Birthday" "Merry Christmas" "Happy Valentines Day" "Better Late Than Never"..... "Love, Craig"
I ripped off the paper and I found this:
I love it!
I am a little overwhelmed by it right now. But, I am having fun playing with it and trying to figure everything out. Here are a few pictures:
{trying to wink}
{Kellie's yummy cupcake}
{playing around with different focuses}
Thank you Craig!!!