Monday, February 22, 2010

Livee's Hair

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Liv's hair before I had to take her back for some major damage control. Fortunately I found a picture online that was pretty close:

Seriously! The front/sides of Livee's hair was still long. I don't think the stylist even cut it at all. but the back! SHORT!!! and choppy and super uneven. I don't even know how my request for a simple "bob" turned into that. I didn't really look at it that good at the salon because I had the rest of my kids and Rowdy with me. Plus the salon was really crowded because of the $6.99 sale. So we just went home. Then I got a better look at it..... Oh my! It was the worst haircut ever!!! I called the next morning and asked if I could bring her in for a fix. On our way back I had to stop by Iya's to show her :) She definitely agreed with me. Luckily the new stylist was a magical hair genie (she was shocked by the cut, too) and she made Livee's hair super cute again:
I don't know why the pictures are sideways. Just tilt your head. :)

So, the moral of the story is... A $6.99 hair cut is risky!

But, Miles and Gray and Zoe all ended up with cute haircuts the 1st time.

Pictionary Fun..... How good are you?

We were playing pictionary yesterday. It was so much fun! We saved some of our favorite drawings. Can you figure out what the word is? There is one drawing from each of us.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snowmen and Sunbeams and Highlights. Oh My!

Chapter One: Snowmen.
We have had a very surprising amount of snow in TX this winter. The kids have been loving it. My carpets... not so much. The kids go out and play, a few minutes later they (and their snow-covered shoes) are back in running through the house because it is just too cold outside. A few minutes later they have forgotten about their frozen fingers and toes, and are back outside again. For a few more minutes... I wanted to show the difference between our Christmas Snow (above) and our Valentines Snow (below)
Chapter Two: Sunbeams.
Miles is a Sunbeam now! That means that at church he is no longer with the little kids in nursery. He gets to go with Livee and Zoe to primary. He is a Sunbeam now and he loves it!
He really loves it!
Chapter Three: Highlights
(alternate chapter name: I'm the Coolest Mom Ever!)
For New Years Eve, we got to take a little trip to Round Rock and visit Uncle Bobby, Aunt Tiff, Kodi, and Degan. It was so much fun! We got to dress up for a "fancy party", make homemade pizzas,we decorated party hats and stayed up waaaay past midnight. (about 12:03 to be exact :) But for the girls the highlight hee-hee of the trip was the highlights! Yep, I let my little girls get a highlight. There was some leftover color from Auntie Leste's color. So why not?!
They felt so cool and sophisticated and grown-up. They also thought their mom was The Coolest Mom Ever for letting them. Props to Aunt Tiff too!

Pretty fun! They love those highlights. Just don't tell them that you can't see them. :)

p.s. Thanks to Celeste for the pictures!

Happy now?!

Okay, it really stinks not having a camera! I don't like to blog without adding a few cute pictures of my kids. (or a few pictures of my cute kids :) Plus I also have a new fun hobby that is keeping me a little busy. Coupon-ing! I love it! It's like a game trying to see how much you can get with the least amount of money. Also free stuff is always good! And, it is fun competing with Cody. :)

Anyways to make all the fans of "the blog" happy, here is something new:
I am putting up these pictures of Livee, and I want you to notice her cute hair.
This first picture is soon after she got it cut in the summer. Fun little bob. Perfect for her fun little personality!
Oh my goodness. Isn't she just the cutest thing!!! Her hair has grown out a little here. Still fun. Still way cute!
Just another picture to show her hair a little longer. Totally versatile. She can wear ponytails... pigtails... braids. Lots of different things. I really like her hair this length. But, I miss the bob.

Livee missed the bob too. So..... stay tuned to see the aftermath of a 6.99 haircut

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


hey mom.......POST A NEW BLOG!!!!!!!
please? :)