Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The kids really love her..... so I'm putting up with her :)
-just thought this was a cute picture

We've got our food storage done..... least the cereal part of it :)
Cody went to Albertson's and they were having a really good sale: 7 boxes of cereal + 3 gallons of milk + 1 box of pop-tarts for $14. So, we had to stock up. 21 boxes of cereal!!! Luckily, you get coupons for the milk, so you can get them at the same time, or at a later visit. There is no way we could have gone through all 9 gallons of milk at once.
Building the Great Wall of Kelloggs.
This is the funniest/most embarrassing family picture ever! I promised Cody I would put it on the blog. He is such a fun uncle! The kids are having so much fun with him and we can't wait 'til Aunt Celeste and Rowdy get here next week!