Sunday, June 28, 2009

Miles is such a good teacher.

I'll be in trouble for this one in a few years!
Sorry Miles and Gray, but I couldn't resist.
Miles has a new love of relieving himself in the fresh air.
(I don't know if I would have 4 kids if my first was a boy. :) He is sooo different from his sisters! Tons of fun, just way different.)
I think this picture is so funny because Miles has a few cousins out here that are potty training this summer, and every time he's gotta go, he has an audience. I think it's peer pressure with the little boys. When Mom was out here if one of the boys said they needed to go, then it was a race! Four little boys would take off running to be the first one to the bathroom. They would each take a turn, and then hang out in there for a while comparing unders. Who was wearing Lightning McQueen? Who was wearing Mater? "Cars" is totally the happening thing in unders these days! Poor Mom. But it was really funny.

Friday, June 5, 2009

10 Years!

Ten years later and I'm still the happiest and luckiest girl in the world! Craig is so good to me. He is seriously the best! I was so in love on the day that we were married and never could have imagined loving him any more would be possible. Since then, our family has doubled, we have been sealed together and our now married eternally, and my love for this man has grown immeasurably! Not only am I so lucky to have him in my life, but our kids are so blessed to have him for a dad! I miss him every day that he has been away from home working in South Dakota, and I can't wait until he can come home and I can have him full time again! I love you Craig!


I love this picture because in the background,look how happy my mom is! Despite the mustache, big gold chain, and Texas belt buckle on her new son-in-law, she is still so happy. :)

My dad is happy too, but for him it's all about bringing some height into the family.

I had to put this pic in there because my girls were laughing so hard at their uncles. They didn't even recognize Bobby. :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary
It's been TEN years----You made it
You stuck it out
You held on tight
Your not the least bit jaded

Happy Anniversary
Were now at number TEN
So stick it out for TEN more years;
And I'll send you this poem again.