Monday, January 12, 2009

For Tiffany:

I was going to blog today, but..... The dog ate my post.
No really, this is what happens. I pick out my pictures that I have browsed for. Then I click "upload." It takes forever for the little green bar to fill up at the bottom of the page. And then finally a screen pops up that says it's unable to find the web page. Hmm. Anybody got any ideas? Letti, I think you need to come out here and fix it for me!


Letti said...

Lynda you can only do one picture at a time. If I try to do two pictures it does the same thing. So try doing only one picture.

Sallie said...

I haven't had that problem today. That's weird. I hope to see updates too. We may stop by tomorrow to drop off an invitation for Miles.

Sarah said...

Are you able to use a program called photobucket (I believe it is online somewhere, just google "photobucket")? I use it all the time for my blog (, and you can even create slideshows and stuff.