Friday, May 7, 2010

Funnest Party Ever!

Livee had a very "fancy" birthday party. Her friends came over all dressed up and were seated at a really nice restaurant. Their waitress was very patient while taking orders. :)
After the fancy feast, the girls got to make bracelets. One for themselves and one for Livee. They also had their fingernails painted.
Next we went outside for a very fancy photo shoot.
Back inside, the girls played "put the make-up on the princess."
They really had fun with this game!
Unfortunately, we did not find a future make-up artist in the bunch.
After Liv got cleaned up, she got to open presents, and they all had some yummy pazookie.

Perfect "fancy" party for our perfect "fancy" little girl!


heart nan said...

Dear Livee,

Your party was so fun!!! You have very nice friends and even nicer family!!!

Heart nan

Tasha said...

So so cute!!! I am excited to help Letti with Chloes. It looked like a perfect party. Livee looks so pretty too. :)

Rowdy Family said...

Livee you should ask your mom to let you wear makeup like that to church

Letti said...

Chloe's party is this Friday. You are so creative thanks for sharing your ideas with me.

Sallie said...

So fun! I can't believe she is already so big. I love her dress too!!!