Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"finding the light" :)

So at first Miles wasn't really happy when he found out he got the lollipop in exchange for being my model..... but, at least his mood didn't last too long. He was a very good little subject the rest of the time.

What do you guys think of his new haircut? Any ideas on some product that will last in his hair? (syd? tiff?) After just a few minutes he turns into mr. fuzzyhead.

I was really trying to "find the light" in his eyes. I am new to this and when I saw beautiful pictures of kids with their eyes highlighted and all super sparkly, I thought that the photographer just got lucky with a good shot. I didn't know you had to look for it. :)

I still have a lot more learnin' to do. Will I ever totally "get" my camera? I don't know, but I had a fun session with a super cute little model today. Up next..... the big sisters.


Letti said...

These pictures are amazing! You can really see how his eyes are two different colors. I love the first picture!

Michelle said...

Great job Lynda! I see definite catch lights there! :) Keep it up!

Tasha said...

Amazing. Really, you have a talent for this Lynda. Are you taking a class? Or found a good place you are learning from? I really want to know. I keep exploring with my somewhat new camera and failing big time. I need help! These are beautiful. (what program do you use to fix your images?)

Sallie said...

Great shots Lynda. On the gel part. I read somewhere you can make your own gel with unflavored gelatin. Cheap and great for kiddos.

heart nan said...

Exceedingly good shots of an exceedingly good boy!!!
I look forward to seeing how you display them in your home.