Thursday, July 29, 2010

sweet sister

This girl can be such a tender-heart. Last week, Paige, Livee, Miles and I went to Grapevine Mills Mall. Paige wanted to shop a little, so she brought her wallet with forty dollars of her babysitting money. Well, she accidentally left her wallet in a bathroom. Five minutes later we went back and it was gone. Of course Paige was pretty bummed. We all were. We checked at lost and found, and gave them our information in case somebody turned it in. (haven't heard anything) We went home and a little later Paige left to go to a Young Women activity. This is what she found when she got home:
Livee had put her savings into a little bowl, wrote this note and put it on Paige's dresser. When Paige showed me, it brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet sister!


Letti said...

Oh know that just makes me so sad that she lost her money. Shame on that person who took her wallet too.

Livee you are such a sweet sister I am so proud of you!

Get Paige a fanny pack!

Amelia said...

I love your girls!! I say it all the time, but I truly love their example for my family! The Carmacks are da bomb (dot com)!!!!!
P.S. I would LOVE to see Paige with a fanny pack..haha!!

Tasha said...

That made me tear up. What a sweet sister. So sad for Paige though.

Beki said...

Such a sweet sister. And I love the note she wrote.

heart nan said...

Dear Livee you have really good cents!!!