Monday, May 2, 2011


My kids love going to Grandpa Perk's and Grandma Carol's house. Twenty acres of nothin' but fun there! They do have some next-door-neighbor cows that aren't too friendly though...
(it's a stare-off!)

Just kidding! These are the friendliest cows I've ever seen!!! They let the kids hand feed them and pet them. Miles is perfectly happy to just toss the food to them, but Livee will feed them...

...and so will Zoe! Ewww!
They also have some pretty friendly horses too. (actually pretty and friendly!)


Letti said...

Those are some cool pictures. That cows tongue is gross. I love that you have farm animals so close to you.

heart nan said...

You found the pictures!!!
I so wanted to see them. It's just like you said.
Your girls are so brave! I have great respect for animals that are so much bigger than me!
heart, mom

Sydney said...

That looks like SO much fun!! and I LOVE all the pics, I wish was better about taking pictures!!