Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reunion with an old friend

Tammy is a really good friend of mine from when we lived in Watauga a few years ago. We had lost contact over the years. She moved out of Watauga before we did, so it has been probably five years since we had seen each other. Well, a couple of months ago, out of the blue, she called me. :) It was so good to hear from her! We finally got together yesterday. We met at a McDonald's that is halfway between our houses (we live a couple hours apart). It was so fun! She has 3 boys Noah 11, Ben 9, and Sam 5. They are so grown up now! I still pictured them as little boys. Nope! My girls went to Joy School with them and they were all such good friends. It was a little sad because now that all the kids are bigger, there was no interaction at all between them. They didn't remember each other, and I'm sure it was partly the boy/girl thing too. It's OK, they still have time to get reacquainted before their arranged marriages. ;) Really though, it was so good getting to visit with them, and hopefully we will see them again for Zoe's birthday party in a couple weeks.


Letti said...

Thats neat Lynda that she called you. How did she know that you were back in Texas? I hope that you stay in contact with her we all need good friends.

Anonymous said...

Cool. It's nice when you make an "old" friend. Ha ha. I am happy for you. See you in two days!

Anonymous said...
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