Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Miles 2 year check-up + good news

weight 28 lbs. (50%)
height 36" (90%)
His Dr. checked him and talked to him for a while and everything is good. He was impressed with his speech and his tighty-whiteys. This was also the first check-up we've been to where Miles did not throw a fit when the nurses or his Dr. touched him. He was so calm the whole time. He did yell when he got his shot, but there were no tears. He's a big kid now!
Good news: Craig was diagnosed with Hepatitis C a few months ago. He has been on medication and weekly shots since then. After 12 weeks they do a blood test to check if the viral levels have gone down. He got his results yesterday: the viral levels are ZERO. It's gone!!!!! He still has to continue the meds for a total of 48 weeks but..... he's cured!!! :)
Thank you family, for all the prayers!


Sallie said...

Awesome Lynda. I'm so glad everything went great with Craig's treatment. I'm also glad to hear about Miles too. What a good example to our boys!!

Amelia said...

Yes, Miles...why to set the bar....waaaay up there!! haha :)
And Craig...thank goodness for that treatment...I'm so happy that everything worked out!

Letti said...

Yay for both of of your boys. I am so glad to hear about Craigs good news. I am so happy to hear about little miracles like that.

Tasha said...

It sounds like it was good news all the way around! I am glad Miles had a good check up and was even happy during it (except shots). That gives me a little more hope with Brayden. He doesn't like seeing nurses or doctors. And very very exciting news about Craig. That truly is a blessing and miracle. I am grateful both things are looking so good for you family :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I'm so glad that it all worked out. Your little man is on the fast track. How do I get Degers on it?