Monday, September 8, 2008

My camera's on backorder :(

I've totally been neglecting my blog. I just like to be able to put pictures with my posts and since I don't have a camera, I've been a slacker. Only 3-4 weeks til I get my new one.
Here's a quick little update:
We had a birthday dinner for Paige and Miles last night. So fun! Thank you Kellie for taking pictures! (she's going to post them for me later) Paige is 11 now!!!!! Wow, time flies! She is such a sweet and fun girl (well.... 97% sweet and fun 3% attitude) She is such a smartie, she comes home from school and gets right into her homework. She's got all pre-AP classes and she's doing well in them. Zoe got an Ipod for her birthday so of course the big sister had to have one for her birthday too. It is so funny to walk by the girls' bedrooms when they are cleaning up and hear them singing at the top of their lungs. They never realize how loud they are! hee hee. Oh, and Paige has nice smooth legs now. I can't believe my little girl is using a razor. So sad!
My baby boy is 2 now! Miles had fun with all his new toys yesterday. Although he didn't really want to share with anyone else. Sorry Gray! He has gotten so big lately. His vocabulary is growing so fast. He is making sentences now, even singing a couple of songs. I cant list all of his words, but here are some favorites:
*Paigee - Daigee
*Zoe - Oe
*Livee - Diddee
*Miles - Mine
Grayson - Daton
*Grandma Charlotte, Grandma Carol, and Aunt Monica - Monna
Colleen (my friend across the street) - sister
He won't say the name of animals. He calls them what they say (moo instead of cow, etc.)
He is just so fun! I never really thought I wanted a boy, but boys are fun too! I love my September babies and I know that I am so blessed to have them. I'm a lucky mom!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday combo dinner. Wish we could have been there. We miss you guys. Yeah, for the camera. I'm happy for you, that it is on it's way. Whoo hooo!

Sallie said...

Yeah for birthdays. It sounds like a fun day for the both of them. Caroline is so loud when she has on her shuffle. I'm kind of glad she's misplaced it. LOL.

Tasha said...

I cannot believe Paige is 11! One more year and she will be in Young Woman's. . . amazing! How fun to celebrate both Paige and Miles' birthdays. So fun. I am glad it was a fun event and that Miles got to enjoy all his new toys :)