Thursday, October 9, 2008

This was a major project!

Before (I forgot to take a picture before I took all the drawers out):
After one coat of paint:
It was all worth it, I really like it now! It actually wasn't that big a deal once I got started. It would've only taken 2 days, but of course I ran out of paint in the middle of it.
Here is another one of my recent crafts. This was a Super Saturday craft that I brought home and did. On the back it is painted red and says "Believe" with a few accent stars.

I love these boxes! They are made of a really sturdy plastic and I found them at Home Depot for $6.00. :)


Anonymous said...

Huray for finished products! It looks great. You are so good! Sorry I was not at your pictionary... I know I said I would try, but I am pooped on the drive. See you in a few weeks though.

Sallie said...

I was glad to check everything out in person. I may just have to paint that bed after all. I didn't know you made the blocks. That is so awesome.

Amelia said...

It looks so great! Yay for new (looking) furniture!!

Letti said...

Lynda it totally makes that piece 100 times better. You did a great job. I also love the letters. Are they vinyl?

Rowdy Family said...

that thing looks a lot better

Tasha said...

I am so impressed!!! I love how you painted the TV shelf black. It really looks awesome! And those block letters are very cute. We need to have Supper Saturdays!

Leisa said...

Lynda, you are so crafty..... wanna come help me? I need your new email address, everytime I try to send you anything I get a failure notice :( Love ya!