Thursday, February 26, 2009

boys day at the salon

Both boys were in serious need of some haircuts, so I took them together today. They were so good. We were at Cool Cuts, so they just sat in the cars and watched the movie Cars, and they were in a different world. You could have done anything at that point and I'm sure it would have been okay with them. As long as the stylist didn't stand in front of the TV. :)



Sallie said...

Super sweet Lynda. Gotta love a little boy with a sweet haircut.

Letti said...

I am so glad that it went easy for you. Their haircuts are very cute. I miss you guys so much already.

Tasha said...

So cute! That is a smart salon for how they keep their kids entertained.

Amelia said...

Thank you thank you thank you for getting Gray's haircut...he SO needed it....and be assured that I'll try to stop cutting it on my own! haha

Rowdy Family said...

soo cute. I love litte boy haircuts. I wish they had a place like that around here