Thursday, August 27, 2009

A snake in our backyard. And Miles got bit...

... by some kind of spider. Not the snake! I don't know when it happened, he didn't complain at all. While we were eating dinner I noticed that one of his ears was really red and swollen. I called my on-call nurse across the street (love ya' Colleen) to come check it out. We gave him some Benadryl and marked the swelling and redness to see if it gets any worse. It's still not bothering him at all though.
Cody came over tonight to mow the lawn (thank you. thank you. thank you.) and while Zoe was in the backyard helping him she saw a snake. Cody took care of that for us too, thank goodness. After it was no longer a threat, Uncle Cody and Rowdy had lots of fun chasing the screaming girls and a "screaming like a girl" Miles, around the yard with it. Lot's of fun!
I am so lucky to have such a great nurse and snake wrangler living so close to me. :)
Thanks you guys!
I do have some pictures to share of all this stuff, but can't get them to download right now. I also have a very cute video of Rowdy terrorizing his cousins with the super scary man-eating snake, that I will try to post tomorrow.


Rowdy Family said...

my ears still hurt from Miles' shreiks.

Tasha said...

Scary!!! But some fun too :)

Mary said...

So glad that I haven't found any snakes in my backyard. I'd probably be screaming too! Yuck. My blog is:

Good to talk to you this morning!

Anonymous said...