Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Paige!

Paige's birthday was on the 2nd, and she's 12 now. It's so crazy that she is not in primary at church anymore. She's with the big girls now. Time seriously flies! She is such a good, happy girl. And I love how she isn't afraid to go out and try something new, even if it's a little scary. I love this girl. And isn't she just so cute too?! :)
crazy fun new clothes from uncle cody and aunt celeste
and, since daddy's away and mom gets to pick the presents..... a phone* cousin kellie's super fun cake for the party
all the girls
We had pizza and cake at our house and then we ended the party at Grandpa Perk's and Grandma Carol's house with swimming and a movie. The girls had so much fun. Paige said that it was the best birthday party ever. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

*j/k Daddy was definitely included in the phone present. After a "little" convincing, he was all for it. :)


Tasha said...

That sounded and looked like one fun party!! I love the party favor too. fun fun fun!!

Amelia said...