Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fun Pictionary Night.

Last night was my turn to host Pictionary and it was so fun! We had lots of crazy costumes, lots of good food, and lots of laughs. I need to get a picture from Amelia of all of us girls dressed up. I will post that later. We even had a costume contest. The winners were: Scariest - Cindy as a baby. Funniest - Cousin Kellie as Snow White (not sure why that was funniest?) and Most Creative - Amelia as a bunch of grapes.
Here are some of the prizes that Celeste and I made:

All of the blocks were made from a $3.99 2x4 and paint that we already had. We also used Colleen's cricut to cut out some vinyl. They were so fun to make, and we made 10 prizes for $4.oo. Can't beat that!


Tasha said...

Your prizes turned out AMAZING!!! SO so cute! I have been having fun coming up with new projects lately. You are inspiring me with some more ideas. Love these!! Glad you had a good night. Pictionary is the best.

Beki said...

Those prizes are so cute. I want to join a pictionary group.

Beki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amelia said...

I had SOO much fun!! Thanks for everything!! I'll send you a pic of the group!!

Letti said...

The prizes are adorable. I love how creative you are. I wish I could have been there.

Sallie said...

I want that Frankenstein set. WahhhH! Why do I have to always study?

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