Monday, October 19, 2009

poor paigee

This picture cracks me up!
You would never know it now, but Zoe was feisty when she was little. Sometimes even just plain mean. She was a determined little girl. And strong! If she wanted something, she was going to get it anyway possible. Paige was 2 years older and bigger, but Zoe could take her. (sorry, Paige) Of course she wasn't always like that, she had her sweet moments too. I'm just glad that it was a phase and the sweet side won out!!!
Love ya Zo.


Tasha said...

That is funny! Glad her sweet side won out too. :)

Rowdy Family said...

Zoe! I would have never known. poor Paige :)

heart nan said...

It's good parenting Sis!
You and Craig (and Father) helped change her behavior and now she is easy for everyone to love (including Paige).

Texas Peterson's said...

I remember that little Zoe!! Remember how much she and Ali were alike and how much they didnt get along. hehehehehe. oh those were great times. miss you friend.