Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Middle School Girls

Yesterday Paige came home from school with a note from the school counselor. This is what it said:
Congratulations! Your child has been nominated by her teachers to be a member of the Welcome Committee. This is an honor, as the teachers are asked to select only 8 students from each grade level that will represent the student body. The selected students will welcome the new students to our school by helping them get their books and ID, giving them a tour of the school and sitting with them at lunch....
Paige was so excited, and I was so pleased too! Out of the entire 8th grade, she was one of 8 chosen by the teachers. How cool is that!!

Today Zoe came home from school with a note from the counselor. It said the same thing!!!
I am so happy with my girls that they have made such a good impression on their teachers.
The Carmack Girls are Representing at NWISD!


Letti said...

I am one proud Aunt! I love you guys!!!!

Tasha said...

That is seriously awesome! Way to be good examples girls.

heart nan said...

You sure have overcome your shyness!
You are the coolest girls I know in NWISD!!! and the coolest 6th and 8th grade girls I know!!!

Amelia said...

I love you Carmack girls!!!! You ARE representing and you are such great role models! LOVE YOU GIRLS SO MUCH!