Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion Show

My girls are Supermodels!
Amelia's school program that she works for was asked to provide models for a back to school fashion show at Belk. She needed a few extra super cute girls, and she knew where to find them. :) They had so much fun. I loved watching them practice their walks and poses for a few days before the show. Here are a few pictures.


Letti said...

How fun. Carys doesn't look too happy. The clothes are really cute and I really like all the shoes.

Tasha said...

How fun was that! They are the perfect beautiful models. I really love Paige's outfit.

Amelia said...

Carys! That girl cracks me up...she should be a professional "don't smiler"! haha :) Cute photos Lynda!

Stacee said...

You do have some amazingly cute girls, with and without the fashion show!