Thursday, September 29, 2011

first day of schools...

Here are my girls on the first day of school. They are all a little excited and a little bit nervous.
After they got home, they all reported a great first day. Yay!

Livee is in 4th grade, she really likes her class and her teacher. She is also happy that she gets to be in choir this year. Zoe is in 7th grade, and this is her first year in a school without a sister. She is doing great, and she is very glad to have some classes with her good friends. Paige is in 9th grade. She loves high school and she is loving seminary too. She is on the JV soccer team.
Miles started preschool this year. He gets to go on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He loves it! He also thinks it's super cool to have Grayson in his class, and Rowdy right next door.

My four kids are in four schools. It's a little crazy, but they all have really good teachers and classes. They are coming home from school happy, and that makes me happy!


Letti said...

Another school year which means the kids are getting older. The kids all look so cute, I love the picture of Miles and Gray walking together.

Oh how I wish my kids were with their cousins :)

Rowdy Family said...

go supermom!