Thursday, September 29, 2011

house cleaning tip

Today I thought I would try a new Scentsy scent. It's called Clean Breeze. It's a really fresh, clean laundry type smell. I put it in this morning while Miles was at school. When he came home, he walked in the door and said "Mom, you cleaned the house today? It smells good!"
So my tip of the day is: Don't clean your house, just make it smell like you did.* :)

*If you want your house to smell as good as mine, you can order Scentsy from me anytime! :)


Letti said...

Nice, I just wish it could clean my house for me or at least keep it clean.

Rowdy Family said...

hee hee. note to self.
( I need a new bulb next time you order stuff)

Sarah said...

SO funny! That's totally what I need right now! I'm so into change the baby, feed the baby, rock the baby, sleep, and repeat, that my housework has really fallen by the wayside...but I have a happy baby, so I guess that's what counts, huh? lol