Thursday, June 26, 2008

My tiny boy! :)

When I look at Miles I am amazed at how big he is now. He's doing so many things now and talking so much that he is not really a baby anymore. He is quickly moving into the "big boy" category. But, when Craig was holding him this morning, he just looked so tiny in his arms. I just had to take a picture. Look at his little leg and chubby little fingers in Craig's hand. So, so small! Oh, please don't grow up too fast Miles!


Anonymous said...

That's a great picture Lynda - and we'll all be amazed just how small he was looking back years from now!

Tasha said...

It is so true. They just grow up too fast. But, he is still a little boy. I love that picture in Craig's arms. I am glad the surgery went good and that after the tuff recovery from the drugs that he is doing just fine.

Rowdy Family said...

what a sweet moment. I'm glad we got to see him at Syd's graduation (and you too)