Thursday, June 26, 2008

The tubes are in.

Miles had his ear surgery this morning. I am always so nervous before any kind of procedure that the kids or Craig have done. This really was the quickest surgery ever though. As soon as we got to the waiting room I said another little prayer and started reading my book, and before I could even really get into my book the Doctor was there saying it was over and everything had gone perfectly. When we got to the recovery room, Miles was awake already, and a little grumpy. His nurses gave him some apple juice, and unfortunately we learned that he is very sensitive to anesthesia. He threw up all over me, all over Craig, and then all over himself and his car seat on the ride home. Poor guy! After we got home we all took a little nap together and when Miles woke up he was fine. You would never know that he had surgery this morning. I am glad it is done now, and I hope his ear infections are a thing of the past!
Miles was not too thrilled with waking up at 5:00.
Watching Zoboomafoo. (Don't you love Miles' little hair flip?!)
After surgery. Poor baby! You can tell he doesn't feel good. Look how pale his lips are. They are normally so red.
Like father like son.


Letti said...

That is graet news. Does he have drops too? I hope he doesn't get all the fluid like Cole did.

Monica said...

I'm so glad our baby boy is okay and feeling great. Give him some kisses for me.

Sallie said...

Poor baby. I'll be praying for quick recovery.

Rowdy Family said...

we love you miles. Hope you are feeling better and your lips are rosier

Tiffany said...

He's such a good little boy. I am not surprised he is already feeling better. Can't wait to give him a big ol' hug when I see him.