Wednesday, June 4, 2008

She's a natural blonde!

Here's a few of the latest Zoe Funnies:

Z: Mom, there are stomach fires going around in my classroom.
Me: Stomach fires?
Z: Yeah
Me: What are stomach fires?
Z: My teacher said it's when your stomach hurts really bad and you throw up a lot.
Me: (laughing) Oh, do you mean a stomach virus?
Z: (laughing) Oh..... yeah. :)

We were at Rosa's the other night for dinner and the girls wanted some sopapillas. I told them only the people that did some work around the house that day could have some. ;) Zoe jumped up and said I did, I did. I took Whitey on a hawk.
Yesterday we were painting stripes onto Paige's green closet. The stripes we painted are orange and pink (a total tween room!) We used painters tape to mark off the stripes, and it also was to leave a green stripe in between the pink and orange. Zoe could not figure out how we had painted the green stripes when the only colors of paint we had were pink and orange. :)


colleen said...

I love Zoe! Blonde to Blonde. I keep mine blonde just so people wont expect so much of me.

Sallie said...

Die her hair quick. She'll thank you for it. LOL. She's so cute blond.

Anonymous said...

It's okay Zoe. No matter what color hair you have you'll always hear about it in this family! Take it from me!