Thursday, May 21, 2009


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Grandma Charlotte was nice enough (or crazy enough) to fly out to S.D. on Friday, so that when we drove home on Saturday, I wouldn't have to do it alone again. That is a looooong drive! The kids were totally good on both drives, but it was really nice to have another adult. Thank you Charlotte!
"king of the mountain"
And a big, big thanks to our good friends/good neighbors for their help in getting Grandma Charlotte to us!


Rowdy Family said...

Yay for grandmas, good friends, and road trips

Letti said...

That was very nice of her. I am glad to hear that everything went well and you are home safe.

Sallie said...

That's awesome. I bet that drive is hard on your own and it is so nice to have someone to talk to on a road trip. Thank goodness for such a cool Grandma and great neighbor;)

Tasha said...

I am glad you had some help on the way back. An 18 drive does sound like a REALLY long drive to me too!!

Anonymous said...

Im glad you made it home. Miss you and your fam!