Thursday, May 14, 2009

Zoe's Braces

Well..... in the first picture you can see that nice little cold sore that she has. Her ortho was afraid that with all of the stretching around in her mouth that her cold sore would split and be hurting Zoe pretty bad. So another tortuous three weeks to go until she gets her braces for real. Poor kid has been waiting forever! :) She was a little nervous this morning, but totally excited too. When we were leaving her appt. I told her that since she didn't get the colorful rubberbands on her teeth like she was expecting, I would take her to get some colorful polish on her fingernails. She loved that! She even got some cute little flowers painted on each thumbnail. She was happy that she would have something fun to show her friends when she got back to school.


Letti said...

NOw those are my kind of braces. I can't wait to see the real things.

Monica said...

Your such a cool mamma!!! :)