Thursday, May 21, 2009

South Dakota

WARNING! Lots of pictures :)
Paige and Zoe being silly
This place was paradise for my little rock collector!
teeter-tottering with Grandma
there were cool little caves all over the place
Paige left some cave drawings to be found by the next explorers.
They all had so much fun with Dad.
Do you think they all made it all the way across?
Sisters..... I love it!
We were at Custer state park, looking for gold in a stream. Next thing we know, Zoe is floating away down the stream. :) The water was just a little bit chilly!
They still allow the fun metal slides out there. The kids loved them!


Rowdy Family said...

The scenery is awesome! and so are your kids (I am glad you didn't loose Zoe.)

Sallie said...

Looks like so much fun. I love the slide picture. That would be really nice for your wall of fame.

Tasha said...

SO fun!!!! I am glad you got to go and spend some time out there while Craig was out working. It looked like a fun family vacation :)