Saturday, April 10, 2010

8 IS Great!

Happy Birthday Livee!

Oh my goodness, Livee had such a fun day today. She woke up to hot, homemade doughnuts. Then, we surprised her at school with goodies for her class, and took her home early. Craig and I asked her what she wanted for lunch, and she wanted baked potatoes. So, we went to Jason's Deli. Yum! After that, she got to go shopping with her own money, and of course picked out a couple new dresses. When we got home, there was a package waiting for her with new shoes inside. This girl loves her dresses and skirts and pretty shoes. But, while she is wearing all her girly stuff, she is acting totally tomboy. I guess it's a good mix. :) One of her gifts was a giant stuffed animal from us this morning, and her 3 favorite things in life right now are pretty much shoes, dresses and stuffed animals. So I think she was happy! Carys spent the rest of the day with her and there was lots of twirling, and running and jumping going on, so I got lots of fun pictures.

{Livee & one of her bff's}
{let the twirling begin}

{silly girls at the creek}

{it wouldn't be a day with Livee without a little bit of this}

We love you Livee, and are so glad that you had such a great "8" day!


Amelia said...

LIVEE!!!! We love you! You are the greatest 8 yr. old! You are an awesome big cousin and and niece!!

Tasha said...

Happy Birthday Livee! Glad you had such a great birthday.

Lynda your pictures are so vibrant. How do you get them that way?

Letti said...

Happy 8 Livee! I wish that I could be there to spend the day with you.

Lynda fun pictures.

Monica said...

I love you Livee-Lulu! Glad you had a great 8th birthday!!!

Sallie said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful! Our kids are growing up so quickly. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day.