Friday, April 23, 2010

How I "Coupon"

Okay, this post is for Letti. It will probably be boring for everyone else, so feel free to skip this one.

This is my coupon binder. I got it at Target. I think it was $9.99. I really like this one because of all the extra features. You are definitely going to need one that zips close. Otherwise, all your coupons are going to slide right out if you set it down wrong.

I had a couple of helpers today. :) Miles is showing you the cool accordion file. I like to use this for my different store ad fliers. It is also good for the different coupons that you can pick up while you are out shopping. (blinkies, tear pads, little coupon booklets) I just stick them in there and then sort them into the different sections when I get home.

Miles, move your head please.

Thank you.
This is really nice at the front of the binder. There is a place for my pens, a pair of scissors, and room for the store cards. There's also a place for my cell phone and a pocket to put my money in. That way I don't need to bring my purse in. One less thing I have to worry about leaving in the cart is always good!

I have these plastic dividers, which I also got at Target. I like the pockets they have. I use these for my Internet coupons(they don't fit well in the holders), and also for coupons that are expiring within the week. Oh, and I use baseball card holders to hold all my coupons. I bet you know where I got those too. :)
I really like the front pocket too. That is where I put my shopping list, and all of the coupons I'm using. I just check my list, then go through and find my coupon, and then put it right into the pocket. Then, when I check out, all of my coupons are already stacked together,
and I just hand 'em over.
I will say that sometimes it is a pain to do all this stuff. Clipping....sorting....removing the expired ones.... checking ads from different stores. But then I see how much money I am saving.... It's worth it!


Tasha said...

That is seriously A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! Amazing. YOu saved 104.45???? CRAZINESSS. Maybe I need to start doing this. Wow. Amazing.

Beki said...

Wow. I tell you what Wow. You are good.
P.S. I love the new header.

Letti said...

Thanks for posting this. I love how organized it is. I am going to go buy one asap. I love your little helpers too.

PS Thanks for helping me get into this.

Sallie said...

Neat-o! I need to try this whole couponing thing out!

And where in the heck are the Carmack kids? And where did you get those kids in your new header?

Rowdy Family said...

Cody is so jealous