Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April 1st!

At our house tonight we had a very fun dinner. Or, as Rowdy said, "mixed-up."
For dinner we had "grilled cheese sandwiches", "fish strips and mixed diced veggies". For dessert, yummy homemade "cupcakes."
Miles was happy to find out that his sandwich was really toasted angel food cake with orange frosting. Livee..... wasn't so sure.
The classic jello-in-a-cup trick. :)
Elliot really liked that one!
The fish sticks were a favorite of Ezra's. They were actually sugar wafers spread with peanut butter and coated in crushed corn flakes. Uncle Cody magically turned Airheads and Chewy Jolly Ranchers into mixed veggies.
And Livee's favorite were the cupcakes. (meatloaf with mashed potato frosting) I think she ate four of them! It was kind of fun telling the little boys that they had to eat all of their dessert if they wanted more dinner. :)
The girls also had some mix-ups in their lunch boxes. They were pleasantly surprised to pop open their cans of fruit and find chocolates and a note from me. They were not so pleasantly surprised to open up their bags of Doritos to find baby carrots. :)
I love April Fools Day!


Letti said...

You are so creative!!!!! I wish I would have been there for that dinner!

Tasha from Creation Corner said...

You are so fun!! I love it all. I need to start doing things like this on April Fool's Day :)