Thursday, April 7, 2011

Online Photo Class

I'm a girl stuck in auto mode. With my camera. Cousin Jill posted about this cool free online photo class she's taking at bethvphotography. I thought I would join her. I'm excited to learn some new stuff. I have a good camera, I guess I might as well start seeing what all she can do! *** Our first assignment is:
I thought this old tractor from Grandpa would be fun. It was Uncle Cody's when he was little and now Miles has it and loves it! Here is my photo straight out of the camera:
(ISO 400, 1/125, f/4.8) -not that I know what any of that really means yet! I like it a little better after I edited it. The orange isn't SO bright. :)


bethany said...

love it!! you did a great job-and nice job on the manual settings!! it's kind of a leap of faith at first, but you'll have it down soon!

Michelle said... happy for you. You will love knowing what your camera can do and how to use it!! can't wait to see what you do!! ;)

heart nan said...

Way to stretch yourself sis!
Happy Homework!
heart, mom

Rowdy Family said...

cool! if you need anything new Elliot is just down the street ;)