Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our new pet.

Yesterday we got a new pet.
We have to feed her.
Make sure she has enough water.
She's going to need to be groomed.
We already love her.
Her name is Garden.
We have been wanting to start a little family garden, so yesterday Craig built us one. He made a 4x8 foot frame. Then, Miles and Gray helped him fill it up with soil. When the girls got home from school, we planted the veggies. And fruits. This is our first one, so there might be a little trial and error, but we are super excited! Wish us luck!

Here she is!
(by the way... can i just say i love livee's little outfits she puts together. every morning is a fun surprise. we never know what she's going to wear, but we know it's going to be colorful. :) i love it! craig... just smiles and shakes his head. love ya livee!)


Letti said...

At least your pet doesn't It turned out beautiful. I can't wait to see what you get from it.

Sydney said...

Livee, I LOVE your outfits, they're so fun!! tell your dad to get some fashion cents!! :o)
Love you

Tiffany Bowler said...

I love Liv's fashion cents too!!! Sh eis so girly and original!!! Keep wow-ing us girl!