Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Everything to Me!

I came home the other day to a surprise. I saw a package on the table and I thought we must have got a fun package from somebody in the mail. Then I saw that it was for me. Written all over the box was "Happy Anniversary" "Happy Birthday" "Merry Christmas" "Happy Valentines Day" "Better Late Than Never"..... "Love, Craig"
I ripped off the paper and I found this:
I love it!
I am a little overwhelmed by it right now. But, I am having fun playing with it and trying to figure everything out. Here are a few pictures:
{trying to wink}
{Kellie's yummy cupcake}
{playing around with different focuses}
Thank you Craig!!!


Michelle said...

First of all...Nikon...really??!! LOL

Really, I'm happy for you. Enjoy and happy shooting!!!

Tasha said...

How exciting!!!!!!!!! So so fun. What a good husband :)

Letti said...

Yay for pictures, a great hubby, a new post, etc.

Good job Craig you done good!

Lynda now you just need to make your pictures bigger that the trick to making them pop.

Amelia said...

Yay!! Love the chapstick one! Need can use my kids anytime! :)

Sallie said...

Wow, awesome everything gift.

Sydney said...

Yay, i'm so happy you finally got a camera, now we can see what you and your family look like more often!!haha
Love you!!

heart nan said...

your pictures look really, really good sis! Happy Camera!
Good job Craig!!!