Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gray's Parade

After the Easter Egg Hunt there was a parade for the baseball opening ceremonies. Gray is playing Blastball this year so his team had a float. I was looking for him when his team went by, but they went by so fast, that I didn't see him. I just took a few pictures as they zoomed by. But when I looked at the pictures on my computer, I was so happy because I did manage to get a couple of Gray.
Can you find him?
I was happy to see him on the pictures but also a little heartbroken. Look at his little face! I think he wanted me to rescue him, but I didn't even see him. Poor little guy!
I even caught him as they were driving away. See him?
Awww... it's that face again.
Silly Grayson, parades are supposed to be fun! :)


Letti said...

Grayson I would have walked with you in the parade. That picture breaks my heart. I am glad that you were able to get him in a picture Lynda.

Amelia said...


heart nan said...

Gray's first parade and first game on the same day!!! Lucky boy!!!

Rowdy Family said...

awww. Gray. he is so funny