Monday, March 22, 2010

My DiGiorno Houseparty

This pizza is good. Beyond good! And the breadsticks..... those were gone within minutes of being taken out of the oven! Everything was so yummy, the adults and the kids, even the baby, couldn't stop eating it. I loved that the whole party was free too, the decorations, the games, the party favors, and of course all of the DiGiorno Pizza and Breadsticks. You guys have to go sign up at
I admit, I hadn't had DiGiorno pizza in a while. Usually we just end up grabbing a refrigerated pizza from Walmart. And, those are pretty good. But, I would definitely recommend the DiGiorno brand next time you want some really good pizza. Enough of talking about how good it is... here is some proof:
{Ezra couldn't decide what he wanted. Look! He's even drooling!}

{Looks like Celeste likes it. Cody gives it a big thumbs up!}

{Miles won't even wait until it cools off.}
{the clean-up crew}


Tasha said...

I am glad it went so good. We recently were introduced to these from costco and they are offically my new "easy" meal when I just do not want to cook or don't have time. Yum. Glad it was a hit!

Rowdy Family said...

Thanks for the fun and the coupons! the pictures came out cool! thanks for sharing. ps.s I am stealing these pictures fro my blog.