Friday, March 19, 2010

DiGiornos Champions House Party

I got my party pack. YAY! Look how fun it is too. There is a cute referee apron. Mardi Gras beads for all the guests. Games, a pizza cutter, a fridge magnet... Plus, 6 free coupons for me to buy all the pizzas. And, they are the new pizza & breadsticks & dipping sauce all in one box. Plus, lots of coupons for $4.00 off for my guests!!! I didn't see them at our Walmart yet (I will be getting mine from Albertsons) but when they get there, they should be about $6.25. So after my guests get their coupons, that will be a really inexpensive and yummy and easy :) family dinner! I am so excited for my party, and I will even have some family from out of town here. Can't wait!!!
You all should go to to sign up to host your own free party. And check out all of their past parties too. And then don't forget to invite me :)


Tasha said...

So fun!!! I cannot wait to hear how the party goes. Love this idea. I went over there when you posted before but got distracted. I think I need to go back again.

heart nan said...

March Madness at the Carmacks!
Have a blast!!!

Rowdy Family said...

Thanks for the par-tay! That was super fun. Ezra especially loves the beads, and Cody the coupon!