Monday, October 22, 2007


Yesterday was a typical Sunday. Actually getting ready for church went pretty smoothly. The girls all were happy about what they were wearing. They all had both shoes before we had to do a last second dash through the house to find them. Miles got a nap in before we had to leave. Craig got to go with us. Everything was good. Now that the girls are old enough now to sit through Sacrament meeting by themselves.......we have Miles! He does not want to sit still. He is all over the place. Me and Craig were taking turns wrestling with him and then Craig got called to work. He was second out so we thought we would make it, but that's the railroad life. So we all had to leave early to take him to work. Sometimes it really stinks just having one car. It's the best thing for our family right now, so we deal with it. Usually it's not that big of a deal though. We got home just in time to eat Livee's yummy dinner (ranch chicken in the crock pot) all together before Craig left. The rest of the day, we all just relaxed and watched movies. Craig got home around 2:30 this morning and he's back at work already! He is such a hard worker and good provider for us. He lets our family have the blessing of me being able to stay home with the kids. I love him!!! That's all for now. Ymom

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