Sunday, October 21, 2007

At the zoo

Today we all went to the zoo when we got there well first we had to get out of the car then we started our day. Then we went to see the spiders and the kimodo dragon. After that we went and ate. And when we were there, we got our face painted and looked at the birds while the parents were taking a health check. Then all the parents came and looked at our faces. I was a dog and Livee had a pink mask. Paige was a swan. And Carys was a pink kitty. Then we all went to see the elephants and the tigers. We stopped at the restroom and got a drink at the restaurant. We kept going and there was a wishing well. We dropped a penny in it and it made animal noises. We saw the rhinoceroses and the giraffes. But then Carys and Iya and Grayson had to leave. Then we looked at other animals and then we headed our way home. love zoe


lynda said...

i had a pink bird mask!!!! and if you want to call it a swan i was a pink swan!!!!!!!!!!! paige

lynda said...