Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Why is it that 2 minutes is way to short of a time when they are playing video games, or watching TV or playing. But when it's time to brush teeth, they act like 2 minutes is a lifetime. Are we done yet? How much longer?

Jeez guys, it's 2 minutes!!!!

Paige's homework tonight reminded me of how old I am and how long ago I did double digit long division! I finally figured it out, but then it took forever til she finally "got it." She is so smart and I am so glad that when she doesn't understand something she will ask for help. And she doesn't give up on stuff. She'll work on it as long as it takes.

Why can't my house ever stay clean? Why don't I keep it clean? Oh, its something I always struggle with! :[

Time for family prayer. Gotta go.


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