Monday, October 22, 2007


Typical me! Zoe has a report due on Wednesday and we have just start putting it together. Why do I always do this? I make it so hard on myself! Oh well, at least we remembered a couple days early. The girls and I made paper chains today to count down 'til when our CA family comes to visit. 24 more days! I can't wait. I know that moving back to Texas was a good move for us. But I miss my family like crazy! Me and Letti and Nan are like best friends, and I haven't made any good friends here yet. I do have friends, just not anyone that I call and make plans with or hang out with. Craig thinks friends are over-rated, but not me!
We had scrambled eggs and toast for dinner :O the kids loved it. I just needed something quick and easy, and they always love breakfast for dinner. The house is quiet now, so I think I will go and get in bed too.
Love ya guys! Ymom

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