Friday, February 29, 2008

don't try this at home

Paige decided she would give her sister a ride on her handlebars the other day. Everything was going good until Paige thought she would try and ride with no hands at the same time. Look at poor Zoe's face and you know the outcome was not good. There was a crash!
Just look at that gigantic scrape on her hip!
Poor thing ripped up her favorite jeans and if you look closely you can see how badly she hurt her knees.
This little pinkie trauma was discovered an hour or so later... I'm not sure if it is going to make it.
Oh wait, before you start sending the get well cards and flowers, she had a miraculous healing and is back up out of bed and on her feet. With a smile too! I love this girl!
I was out there when it happened and I saw her fall so I knew she was OK. But, it could have been bad so, kids.... do not try this at home!

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Letti said...

Paige and Chase need to take a bicycle riding course. Zoe I am glad you are ok it could have been a lot worse. Just ask Chase.