Friday, February 29, 2008

Good Girl!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yesterday during school Colton (the boy that made the bracelet) asked Paige if she would go out with him. She told him "No, I'm too young and I'm not allowed." Good for you, Paige!!!
I found this out from Coltons mom. She called me today and said that he had told her all about what happened, and he was a little embarrassed to go to school today. But his mom told him that he was too young, too. So, he asked her if our two families could get together and go bowling or something sometime. Paige and Colton had never even talked to each other until yesterday. Don't you just love the simple, innocent lives of fifth graders?! He told his mom he liked Paige because she was smart and pretty cute. :]
Then his mom asked if we were Mormon. I told her we were. She isn't but her good friend is and she told me they were Christians, but she knew that we had the same values. She was so happy and impressed that Paige had said no to Colton, and she was glad to meet another family that was raising their kids the same way as she was.
I'm happy too! Today was a good mom day.

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