Thursday, February 28, 2008


Halloween was so fun this year! It was our first Halloween at our new house and everyone came trick-or-treating at our neighborhood. The Byrds were here visiting from California, the Texas Bowlers, Jayson, Kellie, and Sierra, and Grandma Charlotte too. We only went up and down a couple of streets, and the kids' bags were full.... overflowing, so we went back to our house, and then went to Tads neighborhood and went on a hayride. Definitely a good night for the kids!
Aren't my kids the cutest Greaser, 50's girl, Pocahontas, and Witch Princess ever?!
I made Paige's costume. Actually, I made Livee and Zoe one too, in red and pink. They had a 50's sock hop at their school so I made them all skirts. Too bad I forgot to get a picture of the whole 50's family!

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