Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Chihuahua Saved Miles Life!!!

Background of the story: Miles loves going outside. If he hears the door open he runs outside, and if he doesn't make it out, he has a little meltdown! When he goes outside, he goes straight into the street, or just takes off down the sidewalk. No looking back. So when we are out there someone always has to be right with him!

Here's what happened: Livee and her friend Channing were playing in the front room a couple of days ago, after school. Paige was upstairs playing with Miles, Zoe was reading and I was sweeping the kitchen getting ready for pictionary. All the sudden I thought "Where's Miles?", but I knew he was with Paige. I went to check on him anyways. Paige didn't have him anymore, he wasn't with Zoe or the little girls! So I ran to front door and as soon as I opened it I heard him scream. He was standing at the end of the porch with a little chihuahua in front of him. It must have scared him, but at least the dog kept him on the porch! Livee and Channing had opened the door a little while earlier (I don't know how long it had been, maybe a few minutes). So he snuck out and then they shut the door, and he stayed out there. If the dog hadn't been there, I know Miles would have been in the street or down the street, probably both! We had never seen that dog before and we haven't seen him since. He is our little miracle dog!So that is how a chihuahua saved Miles life............or at least kept him out of the street!

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